There is so much to update you on with regards to the ‘income’ side of our charity. As you can imagine, COVID hit us hard as we have always set ourselves up with 60% of our revenue coming from our own business enterprises. Our ethical businesses include: two cafes, a wedding and event space, our online retail and ethical business services. This blog will up date you on how we have survived the pandemic hit on small business.


Update on our Cafes in Waterloo & Gold Coast

The initial 75% loss of revenue in March, has now crept up to 45% loss on last year. So we are slowly creeping up. We love our local supporters who go out of their way to choose ethically sourced produce. As people return to the ‘new normal’ we have managed to keep going with the large losses thanks to two people being on job keeper. Unfortunately, we have lost those two payments and so we are back to uncertain grounds. Keeping our Waterloo cafe alive is the goal. The best way you can help, is visit if you can, share a Google Review (link here) so others can hear about us. Or buy our products online here.

For the Gold Coast unfortunately, losing job-keeper meant closing. Because up there we do not have events or catering to prop up the sales, as we do in Sydney. Palm Beach is hurting with our closure. But we know it is the right thing to do. We are not primarily in the ‘cafe business’, it is a like a side hustle for us. It is a ‘tool’ we use to help fund our mission of ‘fighting slavery and helping victims recover’. We raise great awareness with our cafes and we give people an opportunity to align their values by choosing ethical. But when it is not making us money, it is counter to our purpose. So we have put the cafe on the market, and if it sells we will use the money to

expand our work and services throughout Queensland

and be less Gold Coast centric. We are very excited about this and more announcements will come soon on how this is going to look. If the cafe doesn’t sell, we will re open with our coffee but pivot in the space so it is not a labour intensive cafe. We will keep you updated.


Update on Events

In the meantime, events are picking up again in Waterloo. The Melbourne second wave has helped people understand that covid is not going anywhere in a hurry. So why stop living? Brides are reducing their numbers and getting married. Businesses are back to product launches. Baby showers are on again. They are all smaller events but just as fun. Infact, more fun as they are more personal.

We can take 57 people in our venue plus staff with social distancing rules. We are COVID Safe Certified and every staff member has a Covid certificate. So checkout our website to find out more about our venue. Also you can contact us if you have specific questions about our packages here.

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